Papeles de Aguas Subterráneas nº 5: Water and Ethics

Papeles de Aguas Subterráneas nº5

Número 5 de los PAS.

Año 2000. 20 x 14 cm. 99 páginas.

Encuadernación: Blanda.

ISBN: 84-95516-14-4.

Autores: M.Ramón Llamas, Ricardo Aguilar, Pedro Arrojo, Vicente Carcelén, Emilio Custodio, Juan Mª Martí, Jerome Delli Priscoli.

Idioma: inglés.

This special issue of the «Papeles del PAS» (Papers of the Groundwater Project) includes two sets of documents.

The first set is the text of five out of six papers presented during a special session on Spanish Ethical Water Issues, held on 31 July 1999. This special session was part of a larger meeting held on 31 July and 1 August 1999 by the UNESCO Group on the Ethics of Freshwater Uses.

The second set of documents: Declaration of Ethical Principles, and Water and Ethics were prepared by the UNESCO Working Group on the Ethics of Freshwater Uses. The last meeting of this Group, held in Almería, proved crucial to complete both documents.

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