They offer a platform for debate, where national and international experts give a presentation on current issues related to water resources.

Coloquia 2020

  • May. Round table on the water footprint and the legacy of Arjen Hoekstra.  Daniel Chico, Maite Aldaya y Alberto Garrido. Watch video..
  • MayThe implementation of ecological flows in Spain and its ability to mitigate hydrological alterations caused by dams. Speaker: Gabriel Mezger. See presentation and video.
  • AprilThe effect of urban treatment plants and the Tajo-Segura transfer on the quality of the waters of the Middle Tagus. Implications for the Third Planning Cycle. Speaker: Antonio Bolinches. See presentation and video.
  • April. Webinar «Water walks through us: ecological flows and groundwater». Speakers: Gabriel Mezger y Lucia De Stefano. Watch video.
  • March. Webinar “Water walks for us: the extraction and distribution of water from rivers to cities and the impacts on the ecosystem”, on the occasion of World Water Day. Speakers: Antonio Bolinches y Carlotta Valerio. Watch video.

Coloquia 2018

Coloquia 2016

Coloquia 2015

Coloquia 2014

  • November. The technological platform for water. Speaker: Enrique Fernández Escalante, Doctor and specialist in Hidrogeología, Grupo Tragsa.
  • OctoberRiver edges and public space in cities. Speakers: Eduardo de Miguel (Architect and Professor of Projects at the ETS Arquitectura de Valencia); Ginés Garrido (Architect at Burgos & Garrido Arquitectos and Associate Professor at the ETS Arquitectura de Madrid).
  • AprilAgua y Marca España: present and future. Speakers: Francisco Díaz Pineda, President of WWF-Spain; José Luis González Vallvé, General Director of AGA, Spanish Association of Water Companies and President of the Council for Foreign Promotion of CEOE; Pedro Arrojo Agudo, Honorary Professor of the National University of Engineering of Peru; Antonio José Alonso Burgos, Deputy Director General of Infrastructure and Technology in the General Directorate of Water of the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment.
  • AprilSpecial institutions for water management. Speakers: Alfonso Janeiro Díez, Head of the Department of Infrastructure, Environment and Energy. ICEX Spain Export and Investments; Jordi Codina Roig, Secretary of the Spanish Association of Groundwater Users; Juan Valero de Palma, Secretary General of the National Federation of Irrigation Communities of Spain; Carlos Manuel Escartín Hernández, Deputy Director General of Integrated Management of the Public Hydraulic Domain, General Directorate of Water.
  • MarchWater in Antarctica: recent research, global importance and use limitations in a singular space.  Speaker: Jerónimo López Martínez, Professor at the Autonomous University of Madrid and President of the Scientific Committee on Antartctic Research.
  • February. Present and future of state water companies. Speakers: Aránzazu Vallejo Fernández, General Director of Waters of the Basins of Spain, ACUAES. Arcadio Mateo del Puerto, General Director ACUAMED.
  • JanuaryThe Center for Hydrographic Studies. History and main achievements. Speaker: Federico Estrada Lorenzo, Director of the Center for Hydrographic Studies, CEDEX.

Coloquia 2013

Coloquia 2012

Coloquia 2011

Coloquia 2010

  • Water wars: myth or reality? October 26th. Speaker: Aaron Wolf (Oregon state University, USA).
  • Transformative management for more resilient food production socioecological systems. November 19th. Speaker: Alan Vidal (CGIAR Water For Food Program Director).


Information about the Water Observatory

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National Seminars

National Seminars

Short seminars whose purpose is to debate various topics related to the research activities developed by the Water Observatory in Spain.

International Seminars

International Seminars

Short seminars whose purpose is to debate various topics related to the research activities developed by the Water Observatory at the international level.



National and international practical and theoretical courses on water resources and organised by the Water Observatory from 2010 to 2018.