Rural Development

Rural Development

The objective of this area is the sustainable development of the rural area of ​​the Nansa Valley in Cantabria using its own natural, landscape, economic and cultural resources. For this reason, work is based on six stages of action: definition, choice of territory, territorial and landscape analysis, diagnosis and drafting the action and implementation plan.

One of the actions proposed to promote the creation of business projects located in the Nansa and Peñarrubia Valley is the “NANSAEMPRENDE” Business Initiatives Programme.


Information about the area of Rural Development

Learn about all the programmes promoted by the Botin Foundation from the Rural Development area.

Heritage and Territory Programme

Heritage and Territory Programme

An initiative whose objective is to promote sustainable development dynamics in a rural area of Cantabria: the Nansa Valley and Peñarrubia.

Economic Development

Economic Development

Programme for the economic development of the rural environment based on traditionally developed activities, such as agriculture, livestock, hospitality, crafts, etc.

Rural Dynamization

Rural Dynamization

Socio-cultural animation activities, aimed at both the elderly and children and young people, based on a work principle of closeness required by any rural development initiative.

Rural Development Team

Rural Development Team

Meet the professionals who work to energise and promote the sustainable development of rural areas.


Discover the Nansa Valley and Peñarrubia

The Nansa and Peñarrubia Valley Guide is now available. A way to get to know the valley in all its aspects: geography, history, heritage, art, landscapes, routes, gastronomy, accommodation, crafts… and much more.

Would you like to have the complete guide? Send us an email.


Opinions about Rural Development

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DR. ÓSCAR FERNÁNDEZ-CAPETILLO. National Centre for Oncological Research (CNIO):