Solidarity Talent Challenge Call for Applications

Solidarity Talent Challenge Call for Applications

Aimed at promoting innovation, collaboration and new ways of working in the Sector. The programme lasts one year, during which the social entities work on the construction of joint projects to respond to the challenges of today’s society, participating (between 30/40 per year) in a creative and collaborative process based on methodologies of intra-entrepreneurship that will favour the generation of joint solutions.

convocatoria el desafio de talento solidario

The new initiatives will be mentored by a team of experts in their design and creation phase. At the end of this process, the best initiatives will receive support for their implementation phase:

  • Seed capital. Financial support from the Botin Foundation (up to € 20,000 / project)
  • Support in strategic consulting..Taught by consultants of reference at a national and international level (F.PWC, F. EY, F. KPMG, F. Deloitte etc.)
  • Legal support.. To determine the legal framework and necessary agreements by which the consortium of social organisations participating in the project must be governed.
  • Technological support .For those projects that may be susceptible to digitization.

Objective of the Solidarity Talent Challenge

Who can participate 

Foundations, associations, confederations, federations etc. with registered office in Spain, who present an idea or initiative that contributes to solving the social challenge posed.

Submission of applications

Social organisations that wish to submit their application to the The Challenge call for applications must access the online form that will be available when the new call is open.

Challenges proposed throughout the 6 editions

7 Challenges at a national level

  • Youth unemployment
  • Education
  • Social inclusion of immigrants
  • Social inclusion of refugees
  • The Elderly
  • Circular Economy
  • Child poverty

2 Challenges at a regional level

  • In Extremadura. -Digital gap due to Covid 19
  • In Castilla-León. – Social exclusion due to Covid 19

Reach of the Solidarity Talent Challenge Programme

  • We have received more than 1,700 ideas from more than 1,300 social entities.
  • More than 223 social organisations have benefitted from the training process.
  • 88 projects have been generated within the framework of the challenge, of which 40 have been consortia..
  • 75 entities (16 projects) have benefitted from the support ecosystem for the implementation of the projects.


  • Having designed their own methodology that can be exported to other territories with the help of other strategic partners.
  • In-depth knowledge of how the Sector is working based on the activity it carries out (social action map).
  • Promotion of the culture of intrapreneurship within the Sector.
  •  1,700 ideas from more than 1,300 social entities.
  • 88 new projects.
  • Creation of 40 social utes among entities.
  • 75 entities have received support during the start-up of their projects.
  • Franchised model

Main contributors of the Solidarity Talent Challenge

Convocatoria El Desafío de Talento Solidario.


How to participate in the initiatives of the Solidarity Talent programme?

Click on the following options. Additionally, all organisations that access our calls for applications become part of the Solidarity Talent Network, one of the most important national networks of the Social Sector that offers numerous services to organisations.

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