Solidarity Talent

Solidarity Talent

Solidarity Talent was set up in 2010, during the worst moment of the economic crisis, and it did so to support the Spanish social sector, which suddenly found itself with far fewer resources and many more needs to attend to. 

In that first edition, 500 organisations presented their ideas thinking about what they would be able to do, that would be innovative and sustainable, if they had the right person. The Botin Foundation looked for professionals who were trained but unemployed as a result of the crisis, thus fitting one in with the other while financing and supporting the resulting employment for two years. Today, more than 90% of those projects are still running without the need for help.

Since then, Solidarity Talent has been adapting to the evolution of the sector and enriching with new strategies, thus contributing to its consolidation and becoming a meeting place for organisations that share the concern to innovate, collaborate with each other and measure their results to win social efficiency.

Today, after analysing and supporting more than 6,900 social projects, we can say that Solidarity Talent has contributed to the creation of a culture of innovation, collaboration, sustainability and efficiency in the sector, also managing to include these issues on the small and medium sized social organisations’ agenda. 

Programme impact data

+ de 6.900 initiatives of social organizations from all over Spain analysed.
+ 250 social organisations working online.
+ 206 jobs created.
+ 3,5 M beneficiaries.
+ de 2600 company / NGO connections
+ 40 projects in collaboration between social organizations (social utes).
+ 90 collaborating institutions.
+ 85% of the projects continue once the financial aid from the Botin Foundation has been withdrawn.
+ 900 entities have received training and services.

What do we do in Solidarity Talent?

Solidarity Talent is a programme aimed at promoting the strengthening of the Spanish Third Sector, providing help to small and / or medium-sized NGOs through:

Talento Solidario

Improving their internal efficiency: helping small and / or medium-sized NGOs to be more efficient and to redefine and improve their internal management processes, through consulting, strategic advice, training, leadership improvement and the management skills of its managers and work teams.

Talento Solidario

Incorporating external talent in organizations: selecting the best professionals or professional services for these organizations.

Talento Solidario

Promoting innovation and collaboration in the Sector: : all the organizations that access our calls become part of the Solidarity Talent Network, one of the most important national networks of the Social Sector that offers numerous services and encourages networking.


Information about Solidarity Talent

Would you like to participate in the initiatives of the Solidarity Talent programme? Click on the following options to learn more detail about the Botin Foundation Solidarity Talent programme.

Solidarity Talent Calls for Applications

Solidarity Talent Calls for Applications

Learn about all the conditions of this call for applications for small and medium-sized social organisations throughout Spain that are concerned about improving their internal efficiency.

Solidarity Talent Challenge Call for Applications

Solidarity Talent Challenge Call for Applications

Get to know this call for applications aimed at promoting innovation, collaboration and new ways of working in the sector.

Solidarity Talent Network

Solidarity Talent Network

A network made up of more than 250 Spanish organisations with the aim of generating synergies, aligning efforts and improving results.

Solidarity Talent Team

Solidarity Talent Team

Meet the professionals who work to energise and promote the strengthening of the Social Sector.

Our contributors

Throughout these years, a large number of institutions have supported us by providing advice, training or sponsorships.

Talento solitario.

Would you like to be part of Solidarity Talent?

If you want to participate in Solidarity Talent or if you have any questions or suggestions,
please contact us.


Opinions about Solidarity Talent

"For the Fundación Recover Hospitales para África, a small NGO, the Solidarity Talent programme of the Botin Foundation has meant the possibility of incorporating a trained and talented professional to give a boost to the recruitment area, which otherwise would have been difficult for us (or impossible, I would say) to assume. But, beyond the selection of the best profiles and their incorporation, Solidarity Talent has already made us "grow" as an organisation thanks to the different services that it has made available to us. and, of course, the possibility of becoming part of a Network made up of other professionals and non-profit associations to which we have already turned to on several occasions to ask for advice or to carry out joint projects ".

MACRINA CAMPS. Director of the Foundation Recover Hospitales para África. Awarded in the V edition of Solidarity Talent.

"The Fernando Pombo Foundation project symbolises the commitment to a new model of linking the legal profession with social needs (a new professional challenge and from a different perspective for me). My personal experience has been exciting. From the very selection process to all the activities of the Solidarity Talent Network, in which I am having the opportunity to learn from excellent professionals, magnificently organised, who are committed to forming leadership in the Third Sector with the most innovative techniques in coaching, management or communication ".

ANA HIGUERA. Professional part of the Foundation Fernando Pombo as "Coordinator of Pro Bono".

"We have experienced a challenge ... to generate impact projects, adding three strategic elements such as Innovation, Cooperation and Ambition. Great efforts have been made to make people leave their usual field of action, their comfort zone. entities, NGOs and Foundations with which we have worked, since initially each one came with their project idea. During this "trip" that we have travelled together, alliances have been generated, discovering and defining more ambitious goals, new solutions, fruit of the union of forces and combination of knowledge ".

ISMAEL ABEL. Trainer in Challenge. Expert in innovation. Tobe INN-IESE (Barcelona).

"Managing knowledge and showing its value has been a challenge for our entity for some years. Solidarity Talent has offered us the opportunity to solve it through the technical support necessary to develop our virtual school; and in just four months we already see the results ".

ISABEL GUIRAO. Director of A Toda Vela, awarded in the VI edition of Solidarity Talent.