International Seminars

International Seminars

International seminars of the Water Observatory

International seminars are debates with Spanish and foreign experts from different professional and academic fields. They are held at the headquarters of the Botin Foundation in a climate of freedom of thought and scientific rigor, not being conditioned by what is ‘politically correct’. The most important aspects covered in each seminar are usually collected in freely accessible publications.

Seminars in 2020

Seminars in 2019

Seminars in 2018

Seminars in 2017

Seminars in 2015

Seminars in 2014

Seminars in 2013

July 2013. Water Policy and Trends in Israel and Spain.

Seminars in 2012

November 2012. Integrated Water Resources Management.

Seminars in 2010

October 2010. Water and Food Security in a Globalised World: Ethical Issues.

Seminars in 2009

September 2009. Water and Food Security.

Seminars in 2007

June 2007. Water Ethics.

Seminars in 2004

June 2004. Water Crisis: Myth or Reality?

Seminars in 2001

December 2001. Intensive Use of Groundwater. Challenges and Opportunities.


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National Seminars

National Seminars

Short seminars whose purpose is to debate various topics related to the research activities developed by the Water Observatory in Spain.



National and international practical and theoretical courses on water resources and organised by the Water Observatory from 2010 to 2018.



Debate platform from where national and international experts give presentations on current issues related to water resources.