Business Initiative Programme

NANSAEMPRENDE is an initiative aimed at fostering and promoting business projects in rural areas, which was born focused on the Nansa Valley and Peñarrubia. Its purpose is to provide future promoters with the necessary help to promote the creation and correct management of their companies.

It is a programme for the promotion of business initiatives in rural areas, equipped with a training cycle that allows identifying and supporting future projects, capable of strengthening and expanding the rural business fabric.

Nansaemprende began in 2011, within the framework of the Rural Development Programme, to boost the economic activity of the Nansa and Peñarrubia valley, extending over time to the Saja and Liébana regions, and finally to the rural areas of Cantabria.

NANSAEMPRENDE is supported by two fundamental lines of action: business training and support for entrepreneurs who want to establish new companies or businesses in these territories.

To this end, participants are offered the possibility of identifying their entrepreneurial potential, training in basic management techniques and analysing the viability of their business projects, especially the design of their business plans.


NANSAEMPRENDE is aimed at promoters or entrepreneurs, individual or in a team, who have an idea of ​​a product or service that can be exploited in rural areas.

In the selection, in addition to assessing the business plan presented, it will be taken into account that the candidates:

  • Are residents in the municipalities of the rural regions covered by the programme.
  • That the registered office of the candidate company is in the area of ​​influence of the aforementioned regions.
  • That the project object of the candidacy will be developed in the aforementioned municipalities.

The call is also open to groups identified as priority or strategic for the future of these territories. Especially:

  • Promoters with business projects or ideas that can be transformed into business projects to boost the regions.
  • Entrepreneurs or potential partners whose experience, skills or availability are essential for launching business projects in the area.

Selection process

Candidates must complete a registration form and attach documentation about the promoters, which will be evaluated by the organisation, within the established period.

Each of the participants, whether business groups or individual candidates, will be informed by email about the decision taken on each of the submitted applications.

The organisation will select the candidates, as well as the ideas and projects that will participate, following these selection criteria:

1. Candidates will be selected based on their training, professional and personal career, and motivations.

2. The Projects will be selected based on the following criteria:

  • Their vocation to value local resources, in a way that is respectful of the environment.
  • Its coherence with the Plan of Action of the Patrimony and Territory Program meof the Botin Foundation.
  • Its ability to generate employment and favour the settlement of the population in the territory.

3. Projects and ideas that promote:

  • Innovative agricultural or livestock activities.
  • Forestry and logging activities.
  • Agroindustrial activities that provide added value to the primary productions of the regions.
  • Activities related to the use and enjoyment of the natural environment and cultural heritage, such as hotel and restaurant activities, tourism promotion, activities and services in the natural environment.
  • Complementary services aimed at improving the living conditions of the inhabitants of the regions.
  • Projects and initiatives that are aimed at addressing the Demographic Challenge.
  • Initiatives that reduce the digital divide, as well as promote the economic and social development of rural areas through the digitization of activities and services.