The Fundación Botín Visual Arts Grants support 5 artists and an art duo in their reflection on the world around us

  • 349 artists from 32 countries applied for the 28th iteration of the annual grants, which were created as a dynamic stimulus to emerging art at the international level.
  • The recipients of these training and research grants will present their artistic projects in the exhibition Itinerarios XXVIII, to be hosted by the Centro Botín in Santander during 2023.

Santander, 4 October 2021.- The Fundación Botín has concluded its call for Visual Arts Grants for 2021 with awards to 5 individual artists and an art duo. The beneficiaries of the 28th annual iteration of these grants, intended both for training and for the development of personal and research projects, will present their artistic projects in the exhibition Itinerarios XXVIII at the Centro Botín, which is scheduled to take place in 2023.

The selected artists are Luz Broto (Barcelona, 1982), Lucía C. Pino (Valencia, 1977), Fernando García Dory (Madrid, 1978), Henrique Pavão (Lisboa, Portugal, 1991), Jorge Ribalta (Barcelona, 1963) and the art duo of Patricia Gómez (Valencia, 1978) and María Jesús González (Valencia, 1978).

In a difficult year, marked by a public health crisis and a significant economic downturn, these grants are a clear manifestation of support for art. According to the Jury of this call, through these grants, ‘the Fundación Botín offers a unique opportunity for artists in their need to continue their work, as well as to investigate, question and reflect on the world around us.’

Since the initiative was launched in 1993, more than 200 artists have received one of these grants, which act as a vital stimulus to upcoming art. In this, their 28th year, 349 applications have been received from 32 countries. Although most of this year’s applicants are Spanish, there is also a major Latin American presence, with 26 artists from Colombia, 24 from Argentina and 21 each from Cuba and Mexico. These figures confirm the international reach of the Foundation’s support for training and the development of personal and research projects in the field of artistic creation rather than theoretical work.

The jury tasked with evaluating the entries was made up of Sandra Guimarães, artistic director of the Bombas Gens art centre in Valencia; Maider López, a creative artist who intervenes in architecture and the public space (who was awarded a Visual Arts Grant in 1998); Manuel Segade, director of the Dos de Mayo art centre in Móstoles; and the visual artist Jorge Yeregui (who was awarded a Fundación Botín grant in 2013).

In the words of the jury: ‘All the themes addressed by the selected artists – the breaking of limits, historical memory, the new materialisms, critical museology, the vindication of art as a research tool, and the climate emergency – engage with the great problems facing artistic practices in society today.’

Each of the grants has an expected duration of 9 months and includes a financial endowment of 23,000 euros to cover travel, accommodation, living expenses and studio rent, and also health insurance in cases where it is necessary for the recipient to travel outside of their country of residence. Beyond the period of the grant, the Fundación Botín continues to support the artists beyond the period of the grant, taking a close interest in their progress and, where appropriate, purchasing works by them for its Collection.

The financial endowment will be complemented by the first public showing of the works created by the artists during the period of the grant at the Itinerarios XXVIII exhibition at the Centro Botín. This group exhibition, which aims to provide greater visibility to the artists and their projects, is currently preparing to open on 12 November, presenting the works by the recipients of the 26th annual Visual Arts Grants.